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🇬🇧 NEW UK RELEASES 🇬🇧 | 08/12/2023

Here's a list of all the latest releases that have just dropped in the UK...

Lyrical Lemonade, Jack Harlow & Dave - Stop Giving Me Advice

Fred qgain.. & Baby Keem - leavemealone

AntsLive - C’est La Vie

Cristale - Artiste

Big Tobz - Back Outside

Pete & Bas - Stepped Into The Building

CB - A Drillers Perspective 2.7

wewantwraiths & Lil Macks - What’s Real?

Vibe Chemistry ft. Pete & Bas, Jaykae, Grima x Azza & P Money - Baddest

Venna - Hizuki / Perfect Divide

Jordan Mackampa - Mary

Benjamin A.D - Soul Plug

TeeZandos - Come From

Big Zeeks & Ding Dong - Clean

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