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LIVE: Post Malone @ AO Arena, Manchester

Back in April when Posty announce he would be doing a tour around Europe, it was always going to be a sell out. The fact that he was bringing Rae Sremmurd along with him too, made it that bit more special. We already know the chemistry him and Swae Lee have had on records like “Sunflower” and “Spoil My Night.” On a personal note, I was excited to attend as I was already shocked by how good his performance was at Wireless Festival back in 019. The 17 date tour kick started in Norway on 22nd April and finished in Amsterdam on the 20th May. Despite not travelling to Europe on a tour for a while, the artist gained so much hype, not just for the tour but for his upcoming album also.

Post Malone performing live.
PHOTO BY: Adam Degross

Whenever I have watched support acts, it’s very rare that they perform to a full venue. As the time they come on is usually quite early, this couldn’t be said for Rae Sremmurd. Coming on just after 8pm, the Manchester AO arena was virtually packed out and full of energy for the duo. That could be props to the AO arena staff for getting everyone into the arena quickly, or just the fact everyone was that excited to see the support act. When you think of a support act you would rarely think of artists who have been in the game as long as Rae Sremmurd, not just this but they have years worth of hits too. It felt like the fans were getting two headliners in one night. Personally, I don’t listen to Rae Sremmurd that much anymore which was probably why it felt like a blast from the past hearing how many hits they had like: “Come Get Her”, “Swang”, “Black Beatles” & more.

Music artists on stage performing
PHOTO BY: Adam Degross

By the time is came for Post Malone to come out, the energy from the crowd was lively after Rae Sremmurd blessed the stage, moments before coming out "Posty" chants raged around the arena. For me, the set list was perfected and used a different technique to most artists, he came out and his first 3/4 tracks were some of his biggest. A lot of the time we are used to artists saving their bigger hits until the end of the set. He kickstarted with "Wow," "Better Now," "Psycho." One thing that massively stood out to me was the rappers humble side, he literally thanked the crowd after pretty much every song. When you look at his performance as a whole, there isn't much he can't do, performing, playing a guitar, everyone who attended can all probably agree he can't dance though.

Post Malone exclusively announced that he had a new album on the way, titled "Austin" which will be dropping on July 28th. Shortly after this he performed his lead single "Chemical" which was definitely a fan favourite, the track had only been out for a few weeks, but they still sang word for word.

There has been a lot of speculation regarding Post Malone’ mental and health state after videos surfaced online. After attending one of his shows, it’s clear to see he is just indulged in his relationship with the crowd and his music. The artist leaves that stage with nothing left to give and really puts on the best performance for his fans. One of the main reasons why I attended the show was because of how good his Wireless performance was back in 2019. I thought it would have been hard to top that performance but The Twelve Carat tour certainly did not disappoint.


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