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Unknown T unleashes his 'Daily Duppy' & announces new album!

It's safe to say the promo run for Unknown T's third album starts now as he steps up and delivers a very cold and tekky GRM 'Daily Duppy'. The first part is absolutely disgusting, the word play and flows are on point as they always are. The drill beat, produced by R14, Jester, James Maddocks andAyeTM, is the kind of beat any drill artist would want to skip over and Unknown T does it to perfection.

Unknown T

The bars he drops are sick, for example "The blocks still winning awards like Federer, no back & forthing like Nadal" - I mean it's riddled with punchlines and sick metaphors like this, touching on topics such as Football (Camavinga & Modric from Real, Leao at AC MIlan, Kuyt, Odegaard & Filthy Fellas) to Eastenders characters (Phil, Dot, Poppy, Ronnie & Roxie) to even spots around London (Marble Arch, Shangri-La, Libertine & Tape).

The second part of the 'Daily Duppy' is a track 'Like SZA', produced by EMIL, which I like to call melodic-drill, it's a nice slow tempo, and feels like one for the ladies, but it's still riddled with sick punchlines and metaphors. Unknown T is calling this the 'Daily Duppy of the year', and it'll be interesting to see what others think. It's currently sitting on 91k views and is currently #17 trending on Youtube, but I expect the views to rise over the next week.

Before the album drops and he performs at KOKO on 22nd November for his Headline Show (tickets available here), Unknown T will be off to tour in Australia and New Zealand for 7 days.

It's been a busy year for Unknown T and it doesn't look like he'll be slowing down anytime soon.

Stream and watch the 'Daily Duppy' right here via the links below.

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