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NEW: £MONZO ft. JME - S.I.T Pt. 2

South London rap star £MONZO has been riding the wave of her smash hit 'S.I.T' which has captured the attention of music lovers up and down the country since its release back in December 23'. Now, with the single continuing to do the rounds, the rising star has returned with a huge remix for the track.

£MONZO, JME & Lamsi

Potentially the most organic collaboration you'll see this year, 'S.I.T' caught the eye of Grime icon JME online, and he was feeling the track that much that he offered a verse to £MONZO and talented producer Lamsi. Of course, they took him up on the opportunity, and the end product most definitely lives up to it's expectations.

It is no surprise that the remix is propelling the track to even greater levels, so be sure to check it out for yourselves right here at CGuk.


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