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NEW: Manga St Hilare, MoreNight & Queenie - Level & Size

With his new album 'Everything Is Under Control' dropping next week, Manga St Hilare drops another banger in 'Level & Size' featuring Queenie. Manga's work rate has been mad and he's been dropping bangers for a minute now; this time he delivers yet again over the MoreNight produced beat effortlessly with a catchy hook, skippy flows, dope bars & a bit of patois.

Manga St Hilare & Queenie

The MOBO Nominated Grime MC's latest release will have fans and listeners screwing up their faces and 'wilin out as he prepares for the 'Everything Is Under Control' tour which kicks off in Plymouth the same day the album is released. Like his previous releases, 'Level & Size' is giving mosh pit & wheel-up vibes (listen and you'll know what I mean) & you can just imagine some sick visuals.

Manga's message is very clear and he delivers it with the right amount of cheek and greeze. The verse from Queenie is cold; the way she just calmly switches flows while bodying the beat is impressive.

I'm liking the form Manga is in right now and can't wait for the release of 'Everything Is Under Control'.

Stream & listen to 'Level & Size' here and let us know what you think.


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