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NEW: Knucks ft. Larry June - I Suppose

Stepping up the levels once again, London rap star Knucks is back with brand new music and this time round we see him join forces with Larry June and Kenny Beats. The trio have cooked up a serious vibe with their new collaboration 'I Suppose', and it is no surprise that the drop is already picking up huge numbers.

Knucks & Larry June

As per usual Knucks effortlessly glides across the beat which has been constructed to perfection by Kenny Beats. The partnership definitely makes sense, and who else could come in and apply the finishing touches better than Larry June? A collaboration that has been executed to perfection from all angles, and it was only right that talented director LX got behind the camera to director a movie to accompany the track.

Be sure to check out 'I Suppose' below, and let us know if you're feeling it.


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