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NEW: Juls ft. Odeal - Hold You Down

As he continues to shine bright as one of the most exciting producer and DJ's out, Juls is back with his first release of the year, 'Hold You Down'. This time round he joins forces with another talent who is on the rise, Odeal. The duo have locked in for a feel good anthem which arrives just as we start to warm up for the summer.

Juls & Odeal

Juls has crafted the instrumental to perfection, executing a mesmerising drum pattern which is gracefully laced with smooth backing vocals. Odeal then takes centre stage to showcase his vocal ability and apply the finishing touches to a track which is sure to get huge amounts of love.

This is just a taste of what is yet to come from Juls and Odeal, so lock in now and check out 'Hold You Down' via the link below.


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