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NEW: Jaz Karis & Mahalia - Nice Girls

Jaz Karis & Mahalia, two of the UK’s most amazing women in the R&B scene, have teamed up for this beautiful song for all the lover girls, titled 'Nice Girls'.

Calling all the girls who often get called too nice...this one is for you. 'Nice Girls' delves into the journey of being taken for granted and enduring a lot due to having a kind heart, as Jaz Karis puts it “Nice girls they lose”. It portrays the post-breakup realisation that enough is enough. With heartfelt performances from both artists, the song becomes instantly relatable to many girls out there.

Jaz Karis & Mahalia

Jaz Karis said: “This song is about karma. This song is about how it feels now being on the other side of the story and why good girls never win. A collaboration of two hurt lover girls – I love this song so much because everyone has felt like this at some point.”

Mahalia added: “I have been a lover of Jaz’s music for so long that I still can’t believe we didn’t have a song together until now. When she sent me ‘Nice Girls’, I knew immediately that it would be the perfect one to duet on. It’s a moment for two women to share the pain over a lost love. I couldn’t be happier to be a part of this record and am honoured to have been asked.”

Their harmonious blend of vocals, combined with the heartfelt lyrics has resulted in a beautiful song that speaks directly to the hearts of all the lover girls! 

Girl, go buy yourself some flowers and stream the song on all platforms.


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