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NEW: Ghetts ft. Sampha - Double Standards

Ghetts links up with South London singer Sampha for his latest release 'Double Standards', the fourth single Ghetts has released from his forthcoming album 'On Purpose With A Purpose'.

"Jack's in the airport with drugs in his baggage & security are troubling Mohammed 'bout a sandwich"

It's been an impressive two weeks for Ghetts who has won the MOBO Pioneer Award, collaborated with Gymshark, released the official artwork and tracklist for his album and released two songs ('Tumbi' and 'Double Standards').


"God made man and then man made a mess...yes"

Ghetts effortlessly raps over the beautifully produced EMIL & R-Kay beat touching on a wide range of issues such as war, racism, the failing court systems, police, politicians, The NHS, the media & black culture.

"They're giving brothers life sentences for drugs/ when a paedophile will probably get less than 20 months/ in the same court, same date, same judge/ we only break the law because the law tries to break up"

The message behind this track is strong, powerful, clear & the timing feels just right for it be released. It's a little under x2 weeks until 'On Purpose, With A Purpose' is released (release date is 23.02.24) & this Ghetts fan can't wait -i have so many questions "will he drop another single?", "will there be an official video for Double Standards?", "will we get a single release & visual on album release date"? "will there be a video for Mount Rushmore"?

"Raheem can score a hundred goals/ but when he miss a penalty its all monkey jokes/ whoa..."

For those who didn't watch the MOBO's they can see the powerful performance to 'Double Standards' and his MOBO Pioneer Award Acceptance Speech here...

"They got everybody clappin' for the NHS but they don't wahn put no cash into the NHS/ soon its gonna be "what happened to the NHS"

Stream Double Standards here and let us know what you think. What track(s) are you most excited about from the album & what city will you see Ghetts in for the On Purpose, With A Purpose tour?


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