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NEW: DigDat - No Gimmicks

After a few months away DigDat returns with a new single 'No Gimmicks'. Before his time way he released a mixtape titled 'Pain Built' aswell as a music video for his track 'Bentayga'. Both releases displaying DigDat's well thought out punchlines over classic drill beats. Many artists who get compared to him have steered away from making 'drill' music but fans will be pleased to know that the London rapper is sticking to his routes for now.


The music video to 'No Gimmicks' definitely matches the title as DigDat is on 'no gimmicks' with the 'drip' in this one, from the diamond chains all the way to luxurios overseas settings. Not to forget the Dior 'drip' which he mentions in the chorus.

Overall, DigDat is a UK rapper I see making more and more progress as he matures in the scene. Which may lead to some collabs with the big names in UK and US.

Check out the music video and single to 'No Gimmicks' below.


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