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NEW: Debbie - I'm Different

Debbie’s latest single is a glimmer of hope for listeners in an age where social media has created beauty standards and a world of comparison. The vulnerability displayed by Debbie, along with relatable lyrics, combine to form a song that possesses the capacity to provide healing for women in this digital age.

'I’m Different' takes us on an empowering journey of reflection and self-acceptance. Debbie acknowledges her insecurities and openly discusses how these features don’t necessarily resonate with the beauty standards in society. However, she emphasises that her insecurities are integral to her individuality. The song delivers the message that our flaws should be celebrated, not criticised!

Throughout this journey of realisation and acceptance, Debbie doesn't shy away from the fact that accepting one's imperfections is a process, one that involves self-reflection, growth, and time. Lines like: "No one will ever love you more than I do," "Ain't no girl in this world like me," and "Hopefully one day I see" highlight the emotional rollercoaster of self-acceptance that Debbie explores in her music.

As well as the inspiring lyricism, Debbie’s rich tone and soulful voice shine through the song, which wider audiences were introduced to in the popular song 'Give It To The Water' on Stormzy’s most recent album.

'I’m Different' is an anthem for self-acceptance, resonating with listeners around the world; it serves as both a monument to the beauty of individuality and an anthem for accepting oneself.

Stream the song now on all platforms!

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