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NEW VIDEO: Dapz On The Map - Married Already

‘We should be married already!’… oh, the joys of being a millennial! This is a sentence that we’ve all either heard or said. Dapz On The Map takes on the task of not only approaching this subject matter but also writing it from the perspective of the female!

Dapz On The Map - Married Already

It’s giving J Cole’s ‘Lost Ones’ mixed with Joyner Lucas’ perspective rap - in the best way! Dapz’s writing is sharp, honest, vulnerable, and witty. He masterfully steps into the shoes of a/his female counterpart and puts us deep into her thoughts and feelings. Dapz helps us to see the vulnerabilities of a young woman in a committed relationship. The bumpy roads. Her ambitions for the relationship. And her frustrations at being the caregiver in the relationship.

"What! You won’t come and sit and watch Love Island, 

But I know about Partey and Elneny,

Gabby Martinelli… In fact, I know many,

Been together from our early 20s"

There’s no misogyny in this song. No ego. It’s quite the opposite; Dapz shows he’s been listening. He understands her frustrations, big and small. This is his (public) step in the right direction, to make good on his promises and show her he is there for her—even if it’s not always said. 

A very well-written, open love letter from Dapz, that many can relate to. It’s personal but not in a way that makes it feel private or gossipy. It’s raw. It’s real. It’s open, and it’s honest! These are too often the elements missing from established artists’ new releases. As you can probably tell, I really enjoyed this new drop from Dapz on the Map; it’s been added to my personal playlists and should be added to yours too. I’m rating this 10/10.


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