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NEW: D Block Europe - I Need It Now

As they announce a brand new project, and a shutdown show at the O2 Arena, D Block Europe are back with brand new music for us. Adz and LB have clearly been cooking up in the studio, and as they prepare for a huge 2024 which will see the release of their album 'Rolling Stone' it was only right they hit us with some fresh vibes.

D Block Europe

Showcasing their undeniable chemistry, and incredible ability to make hits, 'I Need It Now' see's the UK's hottest duo in fine form. Executing their trademark style, and distinctive flows, DBE add another anthem to their collection, and it is safe to say that the fans will be happy to have them back and firing on all cylinders.

Check out 'I Need It Now' below, and make sure you're ready for 'Rolling Stone' and the O2 Arena show next year.


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