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NEW: Arz ft. Laicositna - Lickback

With his upcoming mixtape just around the corner, London's very own Arz is back to build on the hype with his latest single 'Lickback'. This time round we see him join forces with another high-flying talent, who has been making waves in his own right, and of course, it is none other than Laicositna.

Arz & Laicositna

'Lickback' is very much a continuation of his popular releases 'Hostage' and 'Long Time No See' as he continues to use those textured beats which are paired with heartfelt verses. But, this time Arz's flows and melodies are complimented by Laicositna who steps up and applies the finishing touches to this dope new drop.

Check out 'Lickback' right here at CGuk, and let us know if you're feeling it.


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