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inQUIZitive: sbk

We've got a fresh new edition of the inQUIZitive series, and this time round we catch up with an artist that we have continuously championed on the platform.

sbk is an artist who emerged on the scene at a very young age and remains on an exciting journey of independence, creativity and success. Coming in fresh off the back of his latest mixtape 'HANXIETY', it was only right that we took the opportunity to sit down with him, and give you the opportunity to get to know him a little better.


Photography by. Simmy Kanda

If you had to pick 3 tracks that summarise your musical influences, what would they be?

Prem - Birdcall, Skepta - Bullet From A Gun, A$AP Rocky - Changes

You can have a studio session with one artist, and one producer. Who you linking up with?

I'd love to work with Dr. Dre & A$AP Rocky, even though Dr. Dre wouldn't let me release it for years. He's a perfectionist.

You’re only allowed 3 clothing brands/designers in your wardrobe. What are you wearing?

Burberry, Prada, Bravery London

Your diet is limited to two meals. You can pick one that you have to cook, and can pick one to be cooked for you. What are you going for?

Jamaican Pumpkin Soup (I'll cook it), Chop Cheese NYC Style. Healthy vs unhealthy.

You can erase one film or tv series from your memory, and can watch it again for the first time. What are you picking?

Probably 'Demon Slayer', it's my favourite anime.

You initially emerged onto the scene as a Grime MC, what would you say contributed to the transition into the artist you are today?

I think I grew out of Grime. I am not angry / don't have the hunger to constantly prove myself as a lyricist anymore. I just want to make deep, sensitive music now.

Novelist showed you a lot of love during your come up, and you have both gone on to sonically push boundaries - can we expect to see you collaborate in the future?

We have songs, I think when the time is right we will release one.

You’ve referred to your latest project ‘HANXIETY’ as your therapy - have you always used music as a release for you as an individual?

Music has always been my release, more so now than ever. It's just my expression of pain.

We’ve seen you do Headline Shows in London, Bristol and one coming up in Brighton. What’s the ideal location for your dream Headline Show, and who would be your support acts?

I want to headline Rolling Loud or Glastonbury one day. That will be really legendary.

You’re no stranger to international shows with performances in the bank at SXSW in Texas, Milan Fashion Week, Paris & Rome - what’s the reception to your music been like overseas and how does the crowds differ to your UK shows?

Europe loves UK Rap, America is beginning to love it more. It's harder for Americans to understand but we're in the best position we've ever been so far to cross over. That's one of my main goals.

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