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  • Sam Rasmin - @sjrasmin

Well, that lasted long! - The first virtual artist, FN Meka, has been dropped by Capitol Records!

The ridiculous move to sign FN Meka has backfired for Capitol Records, and they have now dropped him. This comes after backlash surrounding social media posts that made light of police brutality, and showed the AI rapper to be using the 'n word'.

We published that it was a scary move for music and humanity, and it proved to be exactly that. The major label seemed intrigued by the prospect of signing the robot talent, whilst continuing to overlook and exploit a culture which offers so much to society and the music industry.

Hip-hop and Rap culture was created by the Black community, and the genre has seen endless success stories across the globe, becoming one of the most popular styles of music on a worldwide scale. But, over the years the Black community and Hip-hop and Rap artists have been unfairly taken advantage of by the industry who have exploited talent time and time again. Hundreds of artists have found themselves in deals which have them trapped for many years. Large advances, and unrealistic conditions leave some of the most gifted individuals, trapped, uninspired and falling out of love with a dream which was once an escape and opportunity to change theirs and their families lives.

So, when we became aware that an AI rapper was being signed by a major label it really alarmed us here at CGuk. With more information becoming available around the development of FN Meka, it is now understood that the racially ambiguous, artificial intelligence rapper has been created by Anthony Martini and Brandon Le – neither of whom are Black. So, for the duo to use FN Meka as a way to make light of real-life trauma and use words and terminology that they have no right to use, is disgusting to be quite frank, and although we are happy to see Capitol Records retrace their steps, we must raise awareness at the fact that this was allowed to happen in the first place.

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