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The Breakdown | Yaseen Rosay - 3310

He stands strong as a figure head within Birmingham's creative scene, and after consistently creating, and executing the finest quality product, whether that be music or fashion, Yaseen Rosay is back with a brand new body of work for us. This one arrives as an 11 track project entitled '3310', and once again Rosay does not fail to deliver.

Yaseen made his emergence into the musical world in 2015 with the release of 'BrumLYFE', a tape which served as a milestone for Birmingham music, creating timeless tracks such as 'Cocaine & Caviar' and 'Blood Money'. Not only this but Yaseen impressively brought together an array of 0121 acts with the late great Depzman opening the project alongside Yaseen and Jaykae while RomeyFive, Tempa, Mayhem NODB, Dapz On The Map, Scorpz, Stardom, C4, Lil Choppa, Sox, Young Smokes and Safone all made appearances on the lengthy tracklisting. This shows the integrity and determination to create timeless music, whilst also contributing to the development of the infrastructure of the creative industry in the Second City.

Whilst gifting us some powerful music, the multi-talented creative has also been building the iconic LYFE brand. Aesthetically he has created one of the most recognisable and familiar brands within the UK music and streetwear industries, the creation of a logo which he personally ensures is seen in all the right places, and the release of simple, but effective clothing, has led Yaseen to building a strong reputation for himself, becoming one of the most well respected creatives to come out of Birmingham.

With hard work, dedication and huge amounts of talent Yaseen has developed an inspiring catalogue of music and clothing, and whilst on the journey he has created a strong network and team which he has now brought together to work on a brand new venture, St. Dreams Entertainment. Yaseen, Scott Adams and the trusty Columbian super-producer DX Beats have formed a brand new record label which aims to identify talented artists and with the use of Yaseen, Scott and DX's incredible ears for good music, and genius approach to branding and marketing, they aim to develop some of the hottest new acts.

Yaseen Rosay on creating St. Dreams Entertainment:

"I’ve always helped people in the studio with their music. I have a good ear for music and melodies. I’m good at branding and marketing. So, it only made sense for me to start a label. It is something that I have wanted to do for years but the time was never right until now with the right team, my partner Scott Adams and Colombian super producer DX. We look forward to signing talented artist and building them up to become stars."

But, before they begin their mission with St. Dreams Entertainment, they had to execute '3310' to the highest standard, and that is exactly what they have done. Once again Rosay creates a powerful body of work which see's him cement his distinctive unique style, whilst taking us on a journey with his raps telling stories off making something out of nothing, and rising from the bottom to the very top. '3310' is a self-scripted journey which truly reflects Yas' come up, and has been embodied into a sonically flawless body of work which see's the LYFE CEO firmly establish his very own lane.

The project has been entirely produced by DX Beats, a talented Columbian producer who met Yaseen through a friend. Ever since that very first session together, it clicked. They both understand one another's style, and have found the perfect way of complimenting their creative talents. After first working together on 'Car Boot Sale' from the 'More Money E.P', the duo then went on to create numerous tracks, with Yaseen and DX both going back and forth between Palma and Birmingham to cook up in the studio. When it came to creating '3310' Yaseen knew that he had to fly DX to the UK to develop their sound together. They spent hours in the studio until they found the right formula, and after 3 weeks grinding they completed '3310'. DX went away to mix down the project, and here we are, blessed with the perfect follow up to the 2016 mixtape 'LYFE&TIMES', a project which was well received by the masses. It is safe to say that Yaseen and DX have collaboratively took their sound to a new level, and huge props must be sent out to them for creating such an iconic piece of music.

Yaseen Rosay on DX Beats:

"It was his passion and understanding for the music which is very rare. Most people you work with just don’t get it. He did. For me he was the missing piece to the puzzle. Everything I needed in a producer and more. Together we took our sound to a new level! "

With this new project Yaseen has combined his passion for art, fashion and culture. The Birmingham act is a very well travelled and cultured individual which allows him to approach his art, and life in general, with an open mind. Coming up he would see the local drug dealers with so much swag and finesse, and he firmly believes that the way in which they would carry themselves, the things they would wear, and the cars they would drive, was all art and fashion. These influences and approaches, combined with Yaseen's belief that his work has to be organic, has resulted in a body of work that is true to him, and the artist that he wants to be. With DX's production, they have created a sound that possesses that old school nostalgic vibe, but still sounds very current. With influences of the Scarface, Miami Drug Dealer lifestyle, both Yaseen and DX have steered well away of what is currently 'hot' in the UK, and have established a new sound and vibe that appears to be connecting far and wide. The reality, and truth within the music allows the listener to connect and relate to the topics discussed, while the melodies and flows executed by Yaseen are incredibly infectious and will have you gripped from the moment you press play. There is something about Yaseen's cadence that sounds incredibly familiar, but still so refreshing, meaning that despite the music not fitting into the current climate, it is still in heavy rotation and is connecting with rap fans across the globe.

Yaseen Rosay on '3310' & future plans:

"I feel like 3310 is my first album as the artist I’ve always wanted to be. I’ve finally reached the level where I feel untouchable in my field and that I have my own sound, I'm in my own lane and there’s nobody in the world like me. I’m very proud of my music. As for the future, I've gotta fly to Palma next week to start working on the beats for BrumLYFE2"

It is clear to see that Yaseen and DX have taken care of the sonics, but if you have been exposed to Yaseen's artistry before you will be well aware that he ensures all angles of his work are covered. From the music, to the visuals, to the clothes, to the artwork, it has to be executed correct. The multi-talented creative joined forces with infamous London based tattoo artist Trapy to create the artwork for '3310'. Yaseen had huge faith in his friends ability, vision and capability to bring the album to life, and the idea of the '3310' being embedded into Godzilla's chest has he causes havoc across the city ties in perfectly to the concept, and creative direction behind the project.

In terms of collaborations, Yas has stripped it back to basics with '3310'. The sound alone created by himself and DX Beats is incredibly powerful which is why for 9 tracks we receive nothing but heavy hitting raps and mesmerising beats from them. It is only close friends Tiga, Jaykae and Bowzer Boss who contribute to this tape with Tiga delivering some dope melodies and flows which apply the finishing touches to 'Gunshop', and Jaykae and Bowzer join Yas to deliver nothing but the coldest bars on the lead single of the project 'LYVE'. The track see's the trio do nothing but let off steam, going back to back, with no hooks, no melodies, just straight bars. The authentic, organic nature of the collaboration has resulted in a huge track which see's three of Birmingham's most talented rappers drop off a banger. Arriving with a cinematic music video via GRM Daily, this drop, again, has been executed to perfection from every angle. Clean cut visuals, a fire track, and of course a controversial talking point which see's the infamous 'I'm Not A Driller' viral sensation Isaac H.P feature in a controversial way.

The inclusion of the TikTok star adds a relevant and intriguing talking point to the release of the project, as does the release of the official '3310' GIFs and Stickers which are now available to use across social media giant Instagram. These innovative ideas are no strokes of luck, they are genius marketing and branding from Yaseen himself, and after effectively building his own personal brand and LYFE alongside one another for such a long time, it is no surprise that he is executing such effective marketing strategies.

Overall, '3310' serves as a milestone in the exciting career that Birmingham legend Yaseen Rosay has created for himself, and it is most certainly his best work to date. It goes without saying that he is already working on his next move with more music on the way, as well as the exciting moves that are going to be made with St. Dreams Entertainment and LYFE, the future is looking bright for him and his team.

The team here at CGuk cannot wait to see what is in store, and we highly recommend that you take in the brand new project from Yaseen Rosay entitled '3310'.