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NEW: Yung Fume - Doing My Best - Prod by. OkayMizzy & Kado Beats - Directed by. Kunography

The South London rapper Yung Fume released his latest single 'Doing My Best'. Yung Fume raps about doing his best to live, having the strength to overcome obstacles that challenge the rapper mentally and emotionally. 'Doing My Best' has a mellow vibe that brings forth a sad feeling for the listener.

The rapper uses a hook with his smooth autotune flow to add an upsetting twist to the song's vibe. The instrumental contributes to this poignant ambience with the piano in the background adding to the distressing mood.

Kunography directed the music video for Yung Fume. The South London rapper is at an apartment chilling by the swimming pool, and he's travelling in a desert.

Yung Fume continues to be a unique artist with his euphonious flow. The South London rapper has so much to offer for the UK music scene. Check out his song below.