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NEW: YFN Lucci - I Gotcha - Directed by. Billboard & Reed

The Atlanta rapper YFN Lucci has released his latest song 'I Gotcha'. The track focuses on the rapper speaking on the difficulties of life, including the emotional pain he has to deal with, the challenges of being famous and relations he has with different people.

YFN Lucci mentions how he will have the backs of the people he promised to be there for, hence the title 'I Gotcha'. The rapper used a canorous flow to express his emotions. His rhythm correlated well with the instrumental in providing an audience with a poignant ambience. Billboard and King Bee successfully created a beat that enabled the rapper to flow comfortably where his rhythm reflected his inner emotions. Comfortable in the sense that the instrumental allowed him to switch up his voice tone so the listeners could easily empathise with him.

BillBoard and Reed directed the video for YFN Lucci. The music video differs from the lyrics as it represents the Atlanta rapper's lifestyle positively. YFN Lucci is with his crew having fun, spending valuable time with his children, performing at concerts and being happy altogether. It's debatable that the video was to show the rapper putting on a brave face to hide his real emotions, which he conveys through the lyrics.

YFN Lucci was successful in expressing a vulnerable side of him to the world. His success was rooted in his songwriting ability, melodic flow and the correct beat selection. Check out his song below.