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NEW: Trillary Banks - Chitty Bang Bang - Prod by. Sammy Soso - Directed by. Joshua Griffiths

The wondrous Trillary Banks has exhibited again why she's one of the most skilled rappers in the UK music scene. The Leicester artist has dropped another hit, 'Chitty Bang Bang'. The music video magnificently directed by Joshua Griffiths managed to capture the movie's theme of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. The music video showcase Trillary and her crew mirror the movie's aesthetics with the clothes they wear and the vehicle in the visuals.

Throughout the promo off 'Chitty Bang Bang', Trillary on Instagram asserted she's a real rap queen like Nicki Minaj. She backs up that claim with the talent she displays in 'Chitty Bang Bang'. One highlight of the song is how she smoothly switches from her British accent to her Jamaican accent, which increases the buzz from the tune. Also, the lyricism she reveals in 'Chitty Bang Bang' is top-notch as her wordplay and rhyming scheme is captivating to the ear. Her confidence in her rap ability is undeniable and, the boldness she affirms in her lyrics are inspiring to hear as she states, "I'm young, and I'm black and I'm tough like my hair, with my fist in the air".

Sammy Soso deserves credit for providing this instrumental to Trillary Banks. The beat is different from the current sound in the UK rap scene. Also, the bouncy vibrancy from the instrumental correlates magnificently with Trillary's energy, which formulates an energetic tune for the fans to relish.

Trillary Banks cannot go wrong. Every song she has released in 2021 has been enjoyable to hear.

Check out Trillary Banks 'Chitty Bang Bang' below.