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NEW: The Plug ft. M24 & Fivio Foreign - Fashion - Prod by. Lekaa Beats - Directed by. TV Toxic

2021 has started with a bang in the UK drill scene with different rappers releasing various bangers. Nonetheless, this link was a gobsmacking surprise. UK artist M24, The Plug and Brooklyn artist Fivio Foreign collaborated in releasing 'Fashion'. They name the track fashion because they make references to attacking their enemies while wearing their fashionable attire. "Gettin' cashin (Woah, ayy), into fashion (Ayy, ayy, drip), I still run down in my Jordans, And do it with Passion (Grrt, baow)". Additionally, they boast about their jewellery, cars and other fashionable items. "Now I got a buss down chain (Yes), Diamonds don't need no flash (Bling), We got Rollies, they got cartis".

This collaboration between The Plug, M24 and Fivio Foreign is successful as M24's snappy lyrics with Fivio Foreign's exuberant energy led to this banger. Furthermore, it is debatable that this song was the battle of the adlibs. M24 and Fivio Foreign both used their signature adlibs "Uh Uh", "Ayy ayy ayy" throughout the song. Nevertheless, it did bring a more playful vibe as the instrumental itself had more of a dark tone towards the track.

Moreover, Music producer Lekaa Beats phenomenally produced the instrumental that correlated well with M24 and Fivio Foreign's flow. Both their flows are not fast or slow. So the producer was able to create a beat at a moderate tempo, which allowed both rappers to stay on beat.

In other respects, M24's lyricism shouldn't be unnoticed. His rhyming scheme is superb as it's one factor of his lyrics that enables the audience to connect with his energy. "Do it on my jeans like Hus, Pull over there, they duss (They duss), Sweet one want a piece of me, of course, She sayin' that I make her blush (Uh)". On the contrary, Fivio switched up his approach for this song. The Brooklyn rapper focuses more on the vibe and buzz he brings to his songs, which is evident in 'Big Drip' and 'Wetty'. This time Fivio shows off his lyrical ability "Baskets (Baskets) Shoot good, you get drafted (Grrt, baow, baow)".

Furthermore, Toxic produced an excellent music video, which portrays M24 turning up with some women plus his crew at a swimming pool. On the other hand, Fivio and his people are stunting with cars, jewellery, and expensive clothing. One similar aspect that both rappers do is throw weaponry signs when rapping, reflecting their lyrics. "I keep a shooter on go (Baow), We see a opp and we tell'em to throw".

Overall this song is fantastic, great lyrics, fun vibe. Give this song a listen too. The four minutes are worth your time.