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  • Aaron Adade - @AAdade9

NEW: Tana - Glacier - Prod by. CJ - Visuals by. Oliver Payne & Akz

A few months ago Migos rapper Quavo decided to show the world how he slid in the beautiful rapper Saweetie’s DM’s. Quavo simply dropped a snowflake emoji to which Saweetie replied with a bowl of hot noodle soup. Quavo then went on to drop the famous line ‘U so icy ima glacier boy’ to which Saweetie replied by saying ‘was hannin then’ and the rest is history.

Photography by. Oliver Payne

As you can imagine this tweet ended up going viral and Birmingham rapper Tana has decided to release a brand new single in reverence to that superb moment. This track is truly incredible Tana rides the beat brilliantly throughout and showcases a cheeky, high-level wordplay. The replay value on this one is there for all to see, it’s definitely a song you will find yourself randomly rapping out of nowhere because once you listen to it a few times it instantly sticks in your head.

Oliver Payne creates an exceptional video adding in special camera effects and having some of the lyrics in the song flash up enjoyably every now and then. Tana does a great job of engaging viewers in the video as his star power shines throughout.

So make sure you check at Tana’s brand new single ‘Glacier’ below. I guarantee you will not be left disappointed and may have some new UK music to add to your playlists.