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NEW: Stunna 4 Vegas - What It Do - Prod by. DJ Trebble & Stxnk - Visuals by. Gemini Vision

The North Carolina rapper Stunna 4 Vegas started 2021 without wasting any time. On 4th January Stunna released his first single ‘What it Do’. The title is in the chorus “Uh, ain't what it do? We talkin’ blicks, I came with two. Talkin' h***, I got a few”. This gives an insight into why he named the song this.

Photography by. Adster Photos

The overall song is catchy, playful and fun to listen too. The rapper prioritised making a party banger with the lyrics he uses, the instrumental, and the flow he delivers. The instrumental is bouncy with a drum set that is heavy and has a booming sound. The drum set plays throughout the track with a melody in the background. Also, the instrumental correlates well with the flow of Stunna as it enables him to be more comfortable in bringing an aggressive, loud flow, which contributes to the exuberant ambience.

In other respects, the lyrical content of Stunna 4 Vegas is unforgettable. His lyrics are bold, and snappy, which brings a sudden rush of liveliness for the listener. “I'm the big python, n*** touch me. Oh, he do the wrong thing, we be startin' a riot (brat). Drop 'em off then hop on the private (Brat). I'm smokin' a opp by the pilot”. Moreover, Gemini.one1 highlighted the energy of the rapper in the music video he produced. The video superbly presents the rapper with his crew in a car, private jet, and in a room jumping around and turning up with each other. Also, the producer was able to reflect the lyrics within the video. For instance, Stunna is seen multiple times holding a gun as he raps about it. “I put a stick on the end of the handgun (Pah, pah, pah)”.

Overall, the song is fun to listen too due to bringing an enjoying atmosphere for the listeners. Give Stunna 4 Vegas ‘What it Do’ a listen, guaranteed you will have a sudden rush of energy.