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NEW: Sav'o - World Pandemic - Prod by. SJ Beats - Directed by. Jxydxn

During 2020 the Ladbroke Grove CGM rapper Sav'O released multiple bangers throughout the last year. Such as 'Violent Siblings', 'Walking Trophy' and a Lightwork freestyle. On the 24th December 2020, Sav'O released another great song called 'World Pandemic'. Within the chorus, he gives an insight into why he named this song 'World Pandemic'. "Banged up on the wing there's a world pandemic the lockdown. We're stressed during the covid (Corona)".

In comparison to his previous songs, this track has a more lively buzz to it. In terms of the production, the instrumental that was used contributed to that vibrant energy. The drum set within the beat had a fast tempo, which altered the CGM rapper's flow. His flow is more enthusiastic, which differs from his usual monotone approach. Moreover, the CGM rapper mostly boasts about his riches and the women he has, through his bars. Overall Sav'O has shown versatility in his songwriting abilities, having the capability to rap about different topics other than the typical street life.

In other respects, the music video was produced phenomenally by Jxydxn. The visuals were coherent and corresponded well with the lyrics, most of the time showing the CGM artist stunting with his money and the two women in the bathroom.

Nevertheless, give 'World Pandemic' a listen, it is guaranteed Sav'O will not disappoint you.