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NEW: Samm Henshaw - All Good

Ending the year on a huge high​, popular UK talent Samm Henshaw is back with his new single ‘​All Good​’. Arriving in collaboration with ​Samsung Electronics UK, ‘All Good’ ​is inspired by a fans photo that Samm was challenged to write a song to.

Photography by. Edward Cooke

Rounding off this turbulent year, Samm is now at beginning of a brand new chapter both in his musical journey and personal life. The talented creative recently cut ties with his labe, and is now fully independent and rediscovering his love for music after feeling lost amongst the major label whirlwind.

Currently, he is in the process of setting up his own record label, and Samm also plans to release his debut album throughout the outlet next year with two songs from the album, 'Thoughts & Prayer' and '​Still Broke', dropping via ​COLORS late last month.

The future is bright for Henshaw, and the release of 'All Good' will most certainly build up some healthy momentum to head into 2021 with.

Check out the brand new drop below.