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NEW: RV ft. Chip & BackRoad Gee - Moonwalk Slide - Prod by. M1OnTheBeat - Directed by. LukeFrsh

Still, till this day RV, Chip and BackRoad Gee haven't missed when making a hit song individually. The three artists have once again delivered for the UK music scene, this time by collaborating to release a banger. RV, Chip and Backroad Gee decided to name this song ‘Moonwalk Slide'. RV's savage lyricism, Chip's artistic skills and BackRoad Gee's exuberant energy brings this drill song to another level.

One aspect that stood out in this song was the lyric "Moonwalk slide....". All three rappers made this line stand out by how they independently finished it with their different rhyme. For example "Moonwalk slide, you never been on a glide” (RV). Additionally, Music producer M1onthebeat contributed to this bar standing out in how he perfected the instrumental. When either rapper was rapping this line, the instrumental would pause then after they finished saying this line, the beat would drop again. The purpose was to bring a sudden rush of energy for the listeners, enabling the 'moonwalk slide' lyric to be enthusiastically impactful on their verses.

Moreover, the Tottenham drill artist RV did not disappoint with his lyrics. RV came strong with his bars as he was able to show he is still one of the best UK drill artists in the industry by delivering some of his ferocious lines. "I don't know why dem man keep speaking, I was outside tryna slap man's dome". When RV has no mercy in his lines, barely anyone can stand against him in the drill scene. On the hand, Chip highlights again that him being in the music industry for this long hasn't led to him running out bars. His verse shows how elite his pen game is with the flow he delivers, which made his lyrics smooth altogether. BackRoad Gee's strength was his energy without his liveliness this single wouldn't off met its potential.

Overall this track is going to be one to remember throughout 2021. Give this song a listen too. It will be impossible to get bored of this song.