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NEW: Quando Rondo - Issues - Visuals by. LowkeyTim

2020 was a busy year for the Atlanta rapper Quando Rondo due to releasing 'Diary of a Lost Child' and 'Qpac', his latest two albums. Nonetheless, Quando Rondo wasted no time and started 2021 by releasing new music. On the 3rd January 2021, the Atlanta rapper released his first single of the year 'Issues'. He named this song Issues because Quando expresses his emotions to his current and future lifestyle challenges. "Thoughts of my great-grandma dying', that just might be my biggest fear".

Just like his previous songs, Rondo expresses his emotions effectively. The instrumental along with the lyrics and the artist's flow creates this depressing ambience, allowing the audience to empathise with him. The beat is using a tranquil drum set. In the background, there is a melody, which brings a sad twist to the overall sound. Rondo adapts to this instrumental well by switching up his rap flow. He starts with a relaxing tone, which reflects his sadness and self-pity. Later on, his flow becomes loudly aggressive, revealing his anger towards the obstacles he encounters.

In other respects, Rondo coherently shares his lyrics about how depressing life is, mentioning challenges that revolve around his family, street life and guilt from his wrongdoing. "I got issues with my family and my neighbours (Woah). Dry my tears on my bandana, I don't need no tissue". Lowkeytim successfully directs the music video by connecting scenes with the lyrics. For instance, the visuals show certain scenes with Rondo having no colour scheme. These scenes are in black and white to represent the darkness of the song.

Overall the Atlanta rapper was able to connect with his audience successfully with sharing his thoughts and emotions. Honestly, 'Issues' is an intriguing, fantastic song, give it a listen.