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NEW: Poundz - Get Rich N Get Paid - Prod by. Chucks , Gaman & Sykes - Directed by. Eric Myers

Talented UK artist Poundz has dropped a video for his brand new single ‘Get Rich N Get Paid’. Coming off his excellent feature run on Disturbing London’s ‘Drip’ alongside Tinie, Yxng Bane, and Ivorian Doll, and the hot ‘Dumb Flex Remix’ with Miss Lafamilia. Poundz has been a popular name in the music scene ever since 'Opp Thot' hit the UK Top 40 charts. He has since become a machine at giving out UK anthems. However, in this latest release, the gifted South London artist takes a different approach and details the struggle of making serious money through his music to get out of the hood.

Photography by. Shot By Shelton

Throughout ‘Get Rich N Get Paid’ Poundz raps about things he had to go through to get where he is now. The serious situations Poundz found himself in illustrates just how much making it meant to him. No matter how he had to advance in his career, he did it by any means possible.

The video shot by the brilliant Eric Myers shows a young version of Poundz doing whatever it takes to make it in music. From hustling in the streets to going as far as stealing money from his mum to pay for studio time. The ‘Get Rich N Get Paid’ visuals are like a mini-movie. It takes the viewers through the tough times in the beginning. Then eventually gives us a happy ending, as a young Poundz signs his record label deal and makes his mum proud of him.

Make sure you check out Poundz ‘Get Rich N Get Paid’ below.