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NEW: Pop Smoke - AP

There is nothing more exciting than hearing the Brooklyn rapper Pop Smoke has a song dropping during the week. The Brooklyn rapper posthumously released a track called AP. This song is part of the soundtrack for the highly anticipated movie, Boogie, starring Pop Smoke. The one outstanding aspect of Pop Smoke is his personality. His character reflects on this song as the Brooklyn rapper charisma brings forth his confident, smooth flow. Pop Smoke's lyricism in this song is unavoidable as the Brooklyn rapper had some memorable lyrics, including a catchy chorus. Ricobeats and 808 Melo managed to do a phenomenal job in creating a fantastic instrumental. They used a UK drill beat with a melody in the background. They both did well in making sure this beat didn't sound like a typical, recycled UK drill instrumental, enabling Pop Smoke to have his distinct sound altogether. Overall, the correlation between Pop Smoke exuberant ambience and the instrumental packaged a fantastic song.

Ian Eager created a superb lyric video for Pop Smoke. The video shows the Brooklyn rapper's lyrics and clips from Boogie. These visuals show how great of a movie Boogie is going to be.

Pop Smoke was a force to be recognised, contributing to a whole new sound for New York and taking it to the mainstream level. It is songs like AP that reminds us of the talent this man had to give to the world. Hopefully, we get to hear more posthumous music from Pop Smoke, the Brooklyn legend. Check out his song below.