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NEW: Pa Salieu - Mista/Lennon Freestyle

They're trying their best to keep a good man down right now, but Pa Salieu is not going anywhere. The incredibly talented artist has been flying the flag for the UK scene since his emergence onto the scene, and despite having continued difficulties continuing his journey to greatness, the Coventry based act has hit us with a double drop which sets the record straight.

The first freestyle is entitled 'Mista' and sees him vent his frustrations to the system, all whilst executing his distinct and unique rap style. Not holding back with his lyrics, Pa takes no passengers before jumping into the second part, the 'Lennon' freestyle. This section see's him jump on a more laidback production as he lays down some more mellow flows.

The two freestyle being pieced together perfectly showcases both sides of his artistry and really highlights just how talented he really is.

Check it out below, and make sure you get behind Pa's journey to seeing justice.