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NEW: P Money ft. Tobi - This Year - Prod by. Silencer - Directed by. Chas Appeti

P Money's coming with some new heat. The Grime legend's new EP ‘Untraditional’ is set to drop in May, and P Money has now given fans a little preview of what's to come with the release of his new single ‘This Year’.

In this song, P Money details all of the things he has done as of recent and all the things he plans to do this year. With phenomenal production by Silencer, P Money annihilates his verses. He shows off his witty wordplay with lines such as “Grime Shutdown, Spotify to the world (Trust). Difference between me, and these MCs is my single dropped and their single failed (Garn)”. This all highlights P's recent success while he lyrically puts his foot on the necks of a few fellow MCs.

After the catchy, masterful hook done by P Money comes back on, famous Sidemen member Tobi shows just how capable he is on the mic. Tobi doesn’t have much music out yet, but with the one tune he has dropped he’s already seen a lot of success. He uses this success in his verse and says “Destined for greatness, so 'til I achieve greatness, I ain't gonna stop. How can I stop when I've only just started? (How?). One release and I've already charted (Wow). Major labels getting outsmarted (What?)”. Tobi smoothly referencing how he charted with his only ever song 'Destined For Greatness' is one of the biggest flexes of 2021. It makes you stop and take a moment to take it in.

Both P Money & Tobi came with nothing but facts in 'This Year'. Everything just happened to rhyme.

Check out P Money featuring Tobi ‘This Year’ below.

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