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  • Writer's pictureSam Rasmin - @sjrasmin

NEW: namesbliss x Vagrant Real Estate ft. DeeRiginal - Biggest Belief

It is clear to see that namesbliss and Vagrant Real Estate have built a strong formula when it comes to making music. We've seen the pairing execute multiple releases in the last 12 months, with popular tracks 'Balance', and 'I'm In The Ends' getting love up and down the country.

Now, they are back with more fire power, and this new installment is entitled 'Biggest Belief'. The track is a more introspective anthem that everyone can relate to, which is also counter-balanced with a rhythmic melody, which is polished off with an infectious hook from upcoming talent, DeeRiginal.

'Biggest Belief' arrives as the second single from their forthcoming collaboration project, and there is no doubt that the fans will be excited for the full body of work after taking this one in.

Check it out below, and let us know if you're feeling it.

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