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NEW MIXTAPE: Central Cee - Wild West

'Wild West' is here, and it has been eagerly anticiapted by many. But, that comes as no surprise given the incredible buzz that Central Cee developed for himself following the release of 'Day In The Life' back in June 2020. Since then he has maintained his winning formula, continuously raising the bar with popular tracks such as 'Molly' and 'Loading'.

The debut mixtape weighs in at 14 tracks, only 4 of which were previously released. This means that Cee has been hard at work in the lab cooking up music, and now it is time for us to appreciate 10 fresh new tracks, which have been partnered with the hits that we already love.

Many have questioned the popular rappers versatility, but with that being said there is no denying that Central Cee has found a winning formula that has connected with his growing fan base. His beat selection is second to none, and it is always positive to see an artist playing to his strengths, but 'Wild West' allows the rising star to fluctuate between his rapping and writing styles seeing him delve into much deeper topics, whilst also applying elements of story telling within the new body of work.

Overall, 'Wild West' confirms what we already know in the fact that Central Cee can cook up bangers, and it comes in as a solid body of work which leaves room for development, growth and potentially a change in sound for the future.

Check out the mixtape now, and let us know if you're feeling it.