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NEW: M1llionz - Badnis - Prod by. Abel The Plug - Directed by. Chauffeur

2020 was a productive year for the Brum rapper M1llionz. The UK music fan base had a consensus in M1llionz being one of the best newcomers last year. Nonetheless, the Brum rapper has remained consistent and started 2021 with his first banger called 'Badnis'.

Furthermore, the rapper's lyrics give an in-depth understanding of his title 'Badnis'. His verses mainly focus on street violence, portraying the Brum rapper as more aggressive unlike his previous songs such as 'Lagga', 'Billionz' and 'HDC'. His 'Badnis' represents him as a cold hearted figure as his lyrics mention he shows no remorse to his enemies. One line that stands out in this track is "man think they're bad but really don't know how far badnis goes". This bar can be linked back to his cold-hearted persona as he shows everyone that he knows what real 'badnis' is. Also, he says in the song that people can't throw dirt on his name. It's debatable that the reason for this is because people respect him as he is true to his word or people fear him for what he is capable off. The rapper's skilful lyrical ability is evident, mainly for his storytelling as he can give snippets of different stories then switch smoothly to an alternative topic. His fanbase considered storytelling to be one of his strengths.

Nonetheless, to be successful for this single, he changes his sound from his previous songs. Music producer AbelThePlug provides the track with an instrumental that uses a drill beat with a dark melody. This instrumental sets a sinister ambience for the whole song which works well with M1llionz's flow. Moreover, the Brum rapper has shown that he has mastered his distinct flow. The artist effectively used his flow to contribute to the overall menacing vibe of the song. He changes his voice tone and switches up the flow's tempo to create an effect. The instrumental with his flow and lyrics gives M1llionz an untouchable identity. In other respects, video director Chauffeur produces a music video that reflects the darkness of the song. M1llionz with his crew are showing off gun signs in Jamaica, relating to some of his lyrics as he speaks on guns. Another highlight is they are building a grave, which shows there is no limit to their 'Badnis'.

The Brum rapper M1llionz has shown that he's a star in the UK music scene. The artist has much to offer for his fanbase. Overall 'Badnis' was a fantastic single to start his 2021 journey. Hopefully, for the UK sake, he provides a mixtape or album later in the year. Give 'Badnis' a listen too.