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  • Aaron Adade - @AAdade9

NEW: M1llionz - Accrastyle - Prod by. X10 - Directed by. Chauffeur

Recently the talented Birmingham rapper M1llionz has been going all over the world to help out different communities and get some great music done while he’s at it. After heading to Kenya, the United Arab Emirates, and Jamaica, M1llionz has chosen Ghana as his next destination for his latest work and has released his new track ‘Accrastyle’.

Keeping it short and sweet M1llionz plays off the word freestyle to drop a quick few bars. In a mellow, laid-back fashion, he raps about touching down in Ghana and spotting a beautiful Ghanaian woman. He uses cheeky punchlines and Ghanaian references to give the listeners some insight into how the conversation went. M1llionz then spits some cold, lyrical bars and floats over the soothing beat produced by X10.

It will be interesting to see if M1llionz has an extended version of this freestyle. It's 1 minute of excellence, but after it finishes you find yourself wanting a bit more. What M1llionz is currently doing is very intriguing. He has many eyes on him because no one from the UK is doing what the skilled Birmingham MC is. It will be interesting to see where he takes us next.

So make sure you check out M1llionz ‘Accrastyle’ and let us know what you think about it.