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NEW: Layfullstop - Act Right - Prod by. Layfullstop - Directed by. Aim Films

Manchester-born talent Layfullstop has dropped off an exciting new single entitled ‘Act Right’. Harnessing a smooth, bossa nova R&B vibe, this drop pairs slick, downbeat production with Layfullstop’s infectious and effortless vocals.

Producing the instrumental herself, this drop showcases Lay’s production skills, and follows on from recent single ‘Building Buildings’, a collaboration which saw her link up with Japanese artist Kzyboost. It is clear to see that Lay is in fine form right now, and there is no doubt that 'Act Right' will be adding value to her already impressive catalogue of music.

Huge props must be sent out to the team at Aim Films who have applied the finishing touches to this drop with a high quality music video.

Check it out now, and let us know if you're feeling it.