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NEW: Kashino - Guns & Roses - Prod by. TR3 - Visuals by. Mashwrks

The back end of 2020 saw the emergence of highly rated Birmingham rapper Kashino. The unknown talent burst onto the scene with his debut single 'Chase That Mulla', before following up and kicking off his 2021 with the release of 'Have You Ever'.

Photography by. JDShotYou

Now, with two solid installments behind him, Kashino is ready to continue his uprising with the release of 'Guns & Roses'. Arriving as a Valentine's special, this track saw the talented rapper showcase his versatility over a TR3 production, letting us all know that he is not the one to be sleeping on.

Huge props must be sent out to the Mashwrks team who have ensured that the latest offering from Kash arrives with a clean cut music video.

Check it out now.