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NEW: Jack Harlow ft. Chris Brown – Already Best Friends

Rising Hip Hop star Jack Harlow has released visuals for his single ‘Already Best Friends’ featuring the R&B sensation Chris Brown. On this track, both artists detail an encounter they have when producer Jetson introduces them to a couple of girls. With a few cheeky, humorous lines and different flows, Jack and Chris combine to make a brilliant first song together.

The visuals shot by Yungskylark show both artists in exotic surroundings having a good time both in a party setting and alone with a few beautiful ladies. Chris Brown showcases a couple of smooth dance moves, and Jack Harlow himself lets loose and has fun with his verses. The energy both artists bring to the song translates to the listeners. ‘Already Best Friends’ is one of the best feel-good songs out right now. With summer fast approaching I won’t be surprised if many people start roaming the streets blasting this track outside as it brings nothing but good vibes.

So make sure you go and check out Jack Harlow’s new music video for ‘Already Best Friends’ featuring Chris Brown. It might just brighten up your day.

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