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NEW: Hak Baker - Cool Kids - Prod by. Subculture - Directed by. Will Robson-Scott

East London-born poet, rapper and spoken word artist Hak Baker returns to the airwaves with his latest track, the melancholy ‘Cool Kids’, produced by Subculture. It’s accompanied by an equally powerful music video, directed by Will Robson-Scott, that shows a young Hak experience the highs and lows of life on the roads of London, specifically the Isle of Dogs area, where Baker grew up. He explains that the single is an audiovisual representation of ‘short term goals syndrome’, a phenomenon he says happens ‘up and down the country… When your dreams are unspoken of, what else have you got?’

The talented wordsmith has confirmed an EP due to be released later this year, with this single set to feature on the record when it drops. A brutally honest take on life in 21st Century Britain, Baker’s elite storytelling paints a bleak picture of a childhood with limited ambitions and a lack of hope for the long-term future. ‘Might sell a bit of puff, Daddy’s on the miss and it sucks, need new kicks and stuff’, rhymes Hak to the visuals of a younger version of himself getting caught up in the quick-money world of low-level drug dealing.

A gritty, realistic portrait of an earlier stage of the artist’s life, it stands in a stark contrast to his recent success in the world of music. Featuring on The Streets’ 2020 album ‘None of Us Are Getting Out of This Life Alive’, supporting slowthai during the UK stage of his sold out ‘Bet Ya a #5er’ tour, and the critical acclaim his 2019 EP ‘Babylon’ received are but a few of the achievements that the now well-established musician can include in his list of feats.

Here at CGuk we’re waiting patiently for the EP, which is sure to be full of multi-layered, introspective tracks just like this one.