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NEW: H.E.R - Fight For You - Prod by. H.E.R & D’ Mile - #JudasAndTheBlackMessiah

The supremely talented R&B star H.E.R. has released a new song for the soundtrack to the upcoming blockbuster film ‘Judas and The Black Messiah’. This biography takes an in-depth look into the Black Panther Party leader Fred Hampton and the FBI informant who contributed to his assassination.

In ‘Fight For You’ H.E.R. produces a very moving and uplifting track. I can imagine this song playing during a part in the movie where everyone is coming together to work towards their common goal. H.E.R.’s words cut deep, lyrics such as “ All the smoke in the air, feel the hate when they stare, all the pain that we bear, oh, you better beware.” This makes you think about the struggles black people had to face. The Black Panther movement was about fighting for freedom, letting everyone know the black community would no longer allow themselves to be treated like animals. They pushed to put a stop to police brutality and the killing of all innocent black people. In these lyrics and the whole song, H.E.R. captures the feeling of all of this perfectly. The song is about knowing that even though times are hard and we as black people have suffered for many generations, we will no longer accept it. We will rise up and fight against the hate until everyone is treated equally.

H.E.R. and producer D’Mile create an exceptional instrumental that’s perfect for the powerful subject of the track. There’s a real Marvin Gaye ‘What’s Going On’ feel to this song, which is of course very high praise. ‘Fight For You’ is filled with touching lyrics that make you visualise everything that was going on back then and beautiful, pitch-perfect vocals. H.E.R has once again created a truly timeless work of art with this song.

So make sure you listen to H.E.R.’ ‘Fight For You’ and let us know how this wonderful song made you feel.