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NEW: Giggs - Time - Prod by. Dirty Saj & K1 - Directed by. Myles Whittingham

We've got brand new music from the landlord himself Giggs. The UK rap icon has gifted us with a new single entitled ‘Time’. As per usual Hollowman is in fine form, and there is no doubt that he will have rap fans across the globe locked in with this drop.

‘Time’ presents a more mellow and introspective touch to what fans of Giggs are used to, as he lays down his raps and flows over a collaborative production from Dirty Saj and K1. It is safe to say that this track is a hefty follow-up to his return with ‘Da Maximum’, and we can't wait for more content.

As always, huge props must be sent out to Myles Whittingham who has directed, shot and edited a clean cut visual which perfectly accompanies this release.

Check it out below!