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NEW: George The Poet x Richy Diamonds - Make A Change - Prod by. M.O On The Beats

North West London-born rapper, poet and spoken word artist George The Poet has teamed up with Richy Diamonds to bring us the introspective single ‘Make A Change’, delving into some of the most pressing social issues of our modern age. Deprivation, instances of police brutality, systemic racism and cycles of poverty are just a few of the topics touched upon in this slow, hypnotic sounding track. Richy Diamonds contributes a mesmerizing, heavily autotuned hook with George The Poet offering his trademark mix between poetic lines and more conventional rap.

The visual itself, directed by Diamonds and edited by 50 Frames, contains a mixture of scenes ranging from George’s childhood estate of Church End in the London Borough of Brent and news footage of Black Lives Matter protests from across the UK in 2020, to archival footage of historically traumatic events in the Black British community such as the murder of Stephen Lawrence, the New Cross fire of 1981, and Justice for Grenfell marches. There is a strong social point being made here - that members of society coming from these deeply challenging and deprived backgrounds will always struggle to break free of the cycle. ‘The older youts dem are obsessed with road and all the drama and the deaths involved… I hope they’ll never know what it’s like to hold a sentence though, or to get your dead homie’s name set in stone’ reflects George, just touching the surface on some of the tragic scenarios that play out on a day to day basis in some of the UK’s most underprivileged communities. ‘It’s time that we rearrange and stand firm’ chants Richy on the closing hook, sending out a message of power and reassurance to all those facing the issues discussed in the song.

Without a doubt this is another example of poetic and highly political artistry from the 2020 NME Podcast of the Year Winner, showcasing his musical talent on this occasion. The team at CGuk expects big things from George and Richy in the remainder of 2021.