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NEW E.P: Izzie Gibbs - Alchemy

Rising star Izzie Gibbs has recently dropped his EP, Alchemy. The Northampton rapper treated his fanbase with six tracks featuring Joe Trufant, NN DER, and Narxxy.

Throughout this project, Izzie Gibbs showcases his talented lyricism and his versatile sound. Izzie was able to adapt his music quality to different styles. His project started with him using his usual rap flow. Later in the EP, the rapper drops that rhythm to introduce his smooth melodic style. Izzie Gibbs used this opportunity to switch the EP's tone. In his first three songs, the rapper brings forth a jumpy, exuberant ambience. His flow contributed to this mood, with the assist of the selected instrumentals. Izzie’s last three tracks introduce his euphonious flow that brings forth a soothing climate to these tunes.

Izzie Gibbs' songwriting ability is noticeable. His lyrics mention street life, friendship and relations with women. The one song that stood out on his EP is Stand. His smooth, melodic flow is pleasing for the ears. Izzie successfully uses this rhythm to bring forth a poignant vibe for the song, which correlates well with his lyrics. The tune showcases the Northampton rapper speaking on his pain. His distressing emotions are rooted in trouble from street life, being strangled by greed and missing his friend.

Alchemy exhibits the rapper's talent. Izzie's lyricism and versatile sound have packaged a phenomenal project for his fanbase. Hopefully, this a taste of the later music Izzie has installed for his fanbase.

Check out his EP below.