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NEW E.P: Abra Cadabra - Mixed Emotions

After having a successful 2020, Abra Cadabra dropped an EP for Valentine's day. The Tottenham rapper called this project 'Mixed Emotions'. This EP features fellow rappers Kush and Gabzy. One notable aspect of this project is the versatility of the Tottenham rapper. 'Mixed Emotions' showcases how Abra Cadabra has an alternative sound other than having to rely on drill music.

This project has four songs, which focus on Abra's relationship with his girl. The first two tracks highlight the Tottenham rapper having a positive mindset about his relationship. 'Star Man' featuring Gabzy exhibits Abra vowing to be her comfort, as he promises his girl that he will be there for her and never turn his back on his girl. Also, he mentions that she's the only one that impresses him, which he goes into more depth in his second song, 'U Know', featuring Kush. The Tottenham rapper in 'U Know' raps about attracting other women and enjoying the idea of having their attention. However, Abra reassures his girlfriend that he only cares about her. His last two songs differ as he begins to question his girlfriend because he worries that she may only be into him for the wrong reasons.

The Tottenham rapper relied on his melodic flow for this project. Using his canorous flow, he smoothly reveals the inner emotions he wants to express so the listeners can empathise with the artist. Abra's ability to use a different flow for his music separates him from other drill rappers. Many rappers in this sub-genre struggle to switch up their flow in perfecting a song that isn't drill music, which is why Abra is considered one of the most versatile drill rappers in the UK.

The music producers did a phenomenal job working with Abra's melodic rhythm by providing a sound to contribute to the EP's ambience. Young Kico and JuggyBeatz created the instrumental for Star Man. AJDoneIt formulated the beat for U Know. The producers helped Abra in providing a heart-warming sound that reflects the love Abra had for his woman. The last two tracks centre on Abra's negative thoughts about the companionship with his girlfriend. Music producers JuggyBeatz and S Finesse Beats were responsible for the Abra Interlude. The instrumental they produced has a dark tone, unlike the two first songs, which correlates well with Abra's lyrics as he gives a pessimistic insight to love. TR The Producer was responsible for the Mixed Emotions instrumental. The producer created a beat that reflected the sadness of Abra that is rooted in him questioning the genuineness of the girl's likeness to him. Altogether, the producers did fantastic work in producing this EP.

Abra Cadabra’s EP is a project that many can relate to, songs mainly Star Man and U Know, can be anthems for people in relationships. Additionally, it showcases how Abra is one of the top drill rappers in the UK. His ability to switch up to a different sound from drill music is incredible. His talent must not be unnoticed or taken for granted. Overall, it's a fantastic project for the fans to enjoy.

Check out Abra's EP below.