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NEW: DJ Russke x Stardom - Ransom - Visuals by. Red Jimi Pictures

It’s an all Birmingham line-up on this track that sees Russke and Stardom teaming up for an upbeat anthem that is sure to warm anyone suffering from the winter blues. Stardom lays down his smart lyricism and intelligent wordplay over the typically spotless production of a DJ Russke beat.

Photography by. Farelbisotto

The producer, who has racked up over 50 million streams on Soundcloud, stars alongside his fellow Brummie in the Red Jimi Pictures visual for this track as the pair float on a luxury boat in Dubai, partying in the beaming sunshine surrounded by beautiful models. This track will undoubtably remind fans of better, sunnier times when travel restrictions and airport testing were unheard of.

Another scene shows the duo out in the desert in a pair of blacked out Range Rovers, with wide-angle camera shots and empty roads adding to the hazy and laidback summer vibe of the track. ‘Fashion killa, I’m an actual drilla, go watch the Villa in a black Chinchilla’ rhymes Stardom, shouting out his beloved football team and highlighting his heavy drip all in the same breath in effortless style.

This release follows the heartfelt ‘Out Here’ track that dropped in late December last year and serves to show the range of styles that the Birmingham native has in his repertoire. With the high energy ‘100x’ music video racking up over 1 million views on GRM Daily’s YouTube channel since November, the future looks bright for the up and coming artist.

As for Russke, we hope that before 2021 is out he can return to performing his trademark fire sets in front of packed crowds in some of the biggest venues in the UK and worldwide.