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NEW: Digga D - Toxic - Prod by. Trinz - Directed by. Teeeezy C

There aren’t many hotter rappers in the UK right now than Digga D. The talented West London MC is set to release his new Mixtape ‘MITP’ on the 26th of February. In the build-up to this, he has been dropping nothing but bangers recently with ‘Chingy’ and ‘Bringing It Back’ featuring AJ Tracey putting the whole UK rap scene on notice. It looks like Digga has no plans to slow down either, as he has just dropped his latest single ‘Toxic’.

On this new single, Digga showcases how he deals with some women and his toxic behaviour. Throughout the video and song, it seems like there's only one thing on Digga's mind, and that’s the girl he chooses to be with on that particular night. This could be the new player's anthem as Digga shows how he doesn’t take these girls seriously because he knows they aren’t loyal to him. Producer Trinz creates a real spicy vibe to complement Digga’s toxic bars.

Director Teeeezy C and Digga produce excellent visuals that will leave the viewer's jaws hanging throughout the video. There are countless beautiful women in the 'Toxic' video trying to get a piece of Digga. He makes sure to take full advantage of the opportunities afforded to him.

A humorous part of the video is when Digga has his encounters with all the different women. His buddy is around taking notes on how to reach the toxic levels of Digga D. Then near the end of the video Digga leaves a group of gorgeous women to go to the bathroom. His friend finally sees an opening and jumps at it by getting into the bed with the ladies and trying his luck at being Digga D.

In closing ‘Toxic’ is a fun song to listen to and is a new sound Digga has shown he can comfortably do. The visuals are brilliant, and you won't see anything like it again anytime soon.

So, make sure you take in Digga D’s new single ‘Toxic’ and let us know what you think about the song and the stunning visuals that came along with it.