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NEW: Dave East - Child Of The Ghetto - Directed by. Brittany YB Brand & DaRealJewels

The New York rapper Dave East has released his second song of the year 'Child of the Ghetto’. The overall song is incredible, from the lyrics to the flow and the music production. The flow Dave East delivers is appealing as it shows the confidence he has into making this song. Additionally, it makes an impact on his bars. His assertiveness makes his lyrics more captivating for the ears. It's impossible to believe that anyone wouldn't find 'Child of the Ghetto' hard. Nonetheless, Dave's bars themselves were brilliant mainly because it reflects the skillset of East's ability to write. His wordplay throughout his verse shows this “I still could get your face powdered like I work for maybelline".

Photography by. CrownedYB

Moreover, the New York rapper focused on using his lyrics to explain the hardship of living in the ghetto. His lines mention being broke, violent acts against his enemies and untrustworthy friends. Hence why he called this song 'Child of the Ghetto'. Video director Brittany YB Brand was able to put his lyrics into visuals. 'Child of the Ghetto' music video portrays Dave East and his crew reenacting the movie 'Juice'. His video shows him getting into scruffles with opposite gangs, which relates to his line "Opps come, make em bleed". Additionally, the music producer did well in creating a beat that correlated with the song's theme. The instrumental gives off this intense ambience, which corresponds with Dave's lyrics.

Overall, this song is another reason why its hard to believe Dave East is not gaining the same appreciation as other rappers. His skill set in this song was superb. Give this song a listen too.