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NEW: Dappy - Intro - Prod by. Rxwntree - Directed by. Labi

One of the UK’s most talented and respected music artists especially amongst his peers, Dappy, is back to release a brand new single for us which also serves as the ‘Intro’ to his upcoming project.

Photography by. Zek Snaps

Bringing his unique and recognisable style along with some truly meaningful lyrics. He tells a story matching what you see in the short film without losing his musical touch coupled with beautiful melodies and inventive flows. Combined together we have all the ingredients for an incredibly moving and emotive start to his eagerly anticipated new project.

The short film takes viewers through his inspiring journey on his rise to stardom and gives them a glimpse of the struggles that were thrown at him in order for him to reach the intended heights. The mini movie will help people understand Dappy’s journey, where he came from, to where he is now and his growth from a boy to a man.

Be sure to check out the brand new drop below, and keep your eyes peeled for more moves from Dappy and his team.