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NEW: Coi Leray ft. Lil Durk - No More Parties (Remix)

Coi Leray has been one of the hottest artists in recent weeks. The artist decided to increase the hype around her by collaborating with OTF rapper Lil Durk in dropping a remix to her song 'No More Parties'. Coi Leray, in her verse, asserts that she doesn't want an invite to no parties. Instead, she's onto doing better things with her life and wants to be around people that elevate her. Coi Leray decided to use her smooth melodic flow for this song. Her style is soothing for the ears and correlates well with her lyrics. Lil Durk compliments Coi Leray with his canorous flow, which packages a calming ambience for the entire song. Lil Durk's verse adds to the topic by focusing on trust. He indicates that he cannot be around people that don’t do him well and mentions that he will never turn his back on his people.

The music instrumental contributed to the tranquil ambience that Coi Leray and Lil Durk founded with their euphonious, artistic styles. Okaykhan and Maaly Raw produced the song's instrumental wonderfully because it worked well with both rappers in the mood they set for the tune. Video director Reel Goats, Ricodidit, Spicy Rico and Shaq Gonzoe phenomenally directed the music video. The visuals showcase a messy mansion, which is the result of a house party. The video has humorous moments as Lil Durk is a party-pooper by disrupting other peoples' fun.

Coi Leray continues to shine in the music industry by continuing to exhibit her talents to the world. This remix showcases how bright the future is for her music career. Lil Durk, on the other hand, complements Coi Leray sound with his artistry. The OTF rapper never disappoints in his music quality when featuring on a song.

Check out No More Parties below.