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NEW: Che Lingo ft. Ghetts - Black Ones - #TheWorstGeneration

Exciting UK rapper, Che Lingo, is back, and this new drop see's him joins forces with the legendary Ghetts. The brand new single is entitled 'Black Ones', and this one carries a deeper message. The track leaves the romanticism of the hood for dead, highlighting the deeper insecurities the British youth face as they try to distance themselves from gangs and crime.

Giving us another very real perspective of a life from two sides of the coin, Che and Ghetts intelligently create a heavy hitting track which see's them both in the finest form as they flow over a production from Cane Demonte and Peter Tyson. But, the blessings didn't end their, 'Black Ones' also arrived with the announcement of Che's forthcoming album entitled 'The Worst Generation', a project that the CGuk team are eagerly anticipating. 

The music video for this dope new offering is a collection of footage from when the duo went on tour, and it will come as no surprise that it is already picking up huge views. Props must be sent out to Ian Andrew Upton who expertly constructed this high quality production.

Check out 'Black Ones' now, and keep your eyes peeled for 'The Worst Generation'.